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The underrepresentation of women in the technology industry is well documented. With the num...

The underrepresentation of women in the technology industry is well documented. With the number of women employed in the digital workforce estimated to be just 17% [i]of Europe’s IT workforce estimated to be female as of 20XX.

Increasingly, it is acknowledged that the issue is twofold (at least). First, there are not enough women currently working or qualified in IT professions for any tech team to achieve the coveted 50:50 gender balance. Secondly, having been a male dominated industry for decades, technology is not always the most welcoming environment.

The former is rooted largely in the “technology is for boys” attitudes that were still pervasive when the youngest of the working population were making choices about what to study. With only around 8% female STEM graduates in 2018 according to education campaign WISE. In fact, the same sentiments are still evident in toy stores: see the boys’ video games, robots etc and the girls’ aisle filled with pink dolls and kitchen sets).

Sometimes, when we are lucky, out of marginalisation comes a sense of community among the marginalised. International Women’s day brings forth countless opportunities for the few women in technology to commune. These events range from panel discussions on navigating the boys club and breaking through people’s expectations to networking events with other like-minded female professionals or, most refreshingly, spaces to look ahead to the future of what really unites you; technology.

 Women in London Talk Tech: Data - the New Oil?

When: March 25 2020

Where: London, United Kingdom



When: March 26 2020

Where: Manchester

Industrial Masters for Artificial Intelligence (IMAI) Roundtable

When: 31 March 2020

Where: Belfast, Ormeau Baths

 If your diary is already at capacity for March, fear not, some events are year round series. Women In Technology are also hosting their annual conference in June of this year.

The Women of Silicon Roundabout

When: 16-17 June 2020

Where: ExCeL London

WISE Conference 2020

When: 22 September

Where: York 

[i] https://www.theguardian.com/careers/2020/jan/02/ten-years-on-why-are-there-still-so-few-women-in-tech