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We do more than CONNECT TALENT WITH OPPORTUNITY we fast-track success

Of course, we’re in the business of introducing the right people to the right company. But, more importantly, we’re in the business of building meaningful relationships with our clients, so we can help them fulfil their ambitions.

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Our background

WE LAUNCHED WITH A PROMISE TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY and energise the industry. Twenty years later, we’re still doing it

Back in the late 90s, Mark Husey (our founder and chairman) believed that IT recruitment was at risk of becoming impersonal and losing sight of clients’ needs.

So, when a large corporate agency bought the company he worked for, it was the final push he needed to strike out on his own. From the very beginning, Sentinel set about doing things differently.

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We would put the focus on building meaningful relationships. Mark wanted clients to see us as an extension of their HR department and not just another recruitment agency.

This personal approach would extend to candidates too. After all, we were dealing with people’s futures, not just filling jobs. Today, we’re very proud to say it’s a philosophy that still runs deep within our culture.

Our specialisms

We have EXPERTISE ACROSS ALL AREAS OF IT, offices around Europe and candidate reach all over the world

Sentinel is structured to mirror your IT teams. So, whether you’re looking for highly specialist DevOps talent, an ahead of the game security expert, or an unflappable Project Manager, we have a dedicated consultant here who understands your needs.

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Clients, are you looking to recruit?

If you are looking for a temporary hire with a niche skillset or need to build your permanent team with the right people, we’ll make it easy. Simply get in touch or drop off your vacancy details and we can help.

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Looking for your next role?

If you’re ready to make a career move take the first step by creating your Sentinel account. It takes less than a minute and will allow us to send exciting opportunities directly to your inbox through tailored job alerts.


Our values

ALWAYS REMAINED TRUE TO OUR VALUES. After all, they’re what made us who we are.


Stay curious

Whether that’s taking time to understand what makes someone tick, probing clients to discover how they view success or simply keeping up with what’s happening in the technology industry. Staying curious gives us our edge.


Have empathy

It’s not enough to listen. You have to be able to hear. We genuinely care about everyone we work with. It’s the only way we can deliver on our promise, to truly meet the needs of our partners, be they, candidates or clients.


Act with integrity

Our word matters. When we say we’ll do something, we do it. We’re nothing unless we remain honest, responsible and accountable at all times.


We’ve always believed EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE build exceptional businesses

Over the last twenty years we have gotten better and grown bigger with each year.

Today, we have consultants Europe-wide working with industry leaders, across numerous sectors, ensuring they have access to the very best talent out there.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to help us move forward, we want to meet you.

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