Five Tips for Success at Video Interview

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Whilst we find ourselves in unprecedented times, video interviews are not new. We recruit fo...

Whilst we find ourselves in unprecedented times, video interviews are not new. We recruit for businesses around the world and have long encouraged the use of video interview to provide opportunities to benefit from access to international or remote talent. But with many businesses now working entirely remotely, video interviews are more prevalent than ever before. At a time when having work you are passionate about and can do remotely feels like something of a luxury, we wanted to share some strategies to help you maximise the opportunity of video interview.

While we have years of experience preparing candidates for video interviews over Skype, Zoom and even mobile video call (not recommended), we know that many are having to quickly adapt to this new way of working and interviewing. Many of your tried and tested in person interview tactics will still work, but there are also some new facets you should consider.

First impressions

With teams all working remotely under lockdown employers are looking for people that are not only capable but can be self-starters, those who will get the job done just as effectively from home as they would the office. Demostrate this by taking the video interview every bit as seriously as you would an in-person one. Dress smartly and make the same effort to ensure your environment is well presented too. Use the right equipment such as a desktop or laptop computer with a good camera, set to a good height. 

Body language

Sit at a desk in a well-lit room, with a high back chair. This will help you to sit upright and have open body language, as you would in an in-person interview. Body language is crucial in video interviews. Try to remain conscious of how you carry yourself, be mindful about your facial expressions and gestures.

Location, location

If your cat jumps onto your lap mid-interview it’s likely the interviewer will remember that, more than you. It might sound obvious, but in this time of entire households working from home it can be a challenge to find a quiet corner and to go uninterrupted for an hour. Let your spouse/family/flat mates know the time of your interview so they can avoid interrupting you. If possible sit facing the door so that you can resolve any interruptions without disrupting your interview.


Of course, you’ll want to ensure you research the organisation and have questions prepared to ask at the end. Video interview also gives you to the opportunity to keep more of your notes on hand and even print a copy of your key examples to refer to. Don’t look down at your keyboard the whole time, but a quick glance at some well-placed prompts could help you to give the best possible account of yourself in the interview.

In the case of video interviewing being adequately prepared also means having tried and tested the technology involved. Whether it's video or in-person being late because you could make your way to the desgnated meeting will not go down well.

Going the extra mile

We regularly help candidates to prepare for video interviews and can give you more advice based on your specific role. Book a call for a more in-depth preparation session with one of our consultants.

You can also download our detailed interview advice document here.

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