Henry Lee

Chief Exec

  • Leadership
  • Operations

When I joined Sentinel 20 years ago I knew I’d found my calling. From every perspective recruitment is about people, so naturally my raison d'être (I’m trying to learn French at the moment!) is helping people succeed too. Whether it’s coaching trainee recruiters or mentoring our leadership teams, I really enjoy contributing directly to our teams' development.

Having spent a few years building up our corporate functions, opening European operations, and investing in our management team, I’m happy to be working with our clients again in the InfoSec and Projects space, improving my understanding of our customers’ needs and championing our company’s strategy to support them.

I grew up in Chinese restaurants, and my partner is French, so obviously food is important to me. If you need a restaurant recommendation drop me a line. You might even catch me there celebrating with our team or interviewing an experienced hire.