Charlotte Gray

Managing Director

  • Leadership
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Most offices have one, don’t they?  A company dinosaur.  Yes, that’s me as I approach my quarter-century anniversary with Sentinel. 

My role over the 25 years has evolved from Trainee Recruiter to leading our Tunbridge Wells sales floor.  These days I’m no longer hands-on in terms of day-to-day business development, my time is mostly spent managing business operations and supporting our Data & Analytics recruiters helping them to foster long-term partnerships with their clients and to deliver value that exceeds expectations.

I’m attempting to get fit and healthy as I head rapidly towards my half-century year, but when not squeezing in a run or a round on the battle ropes I can mostly be found on a motorway either visiting my eldest daughter at university or chauffeuring my other teen daughter to football matches around the country and internationally.