Elena Lushkina

Talent Sourcer

  • Consultants

My journey with Sentinel began in the summer of 2023 when I joined the Delivery team. However, before that, I also worked as a recruiter in multiple language schools and truly enjoyed it! I thrive on the challenge of identifying the perfect fit for each client. This is because ensuring the candidate I uncover is the perfect puzzle piece from all perspectives is my daily exciting quest. 

My expertise spans across various industries, having had the opportunity to source for companies operating in IT, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors. Each day presents a new learning experience, further enriching my knowledge base. 

Beyond the professional realm, I am a passionate traveler. I find joy in exploring new destinations, even within my own city. Additionally, I have a keen interest in sports such as yoga, zumba, and swimming. I am also passionate about learning languages and indulging in creative pursuits like art and music workshops. These activities help me to foster a mindset of innovation and prevent monotony from setting in.